Introducing Braidy

Braidy is a patented communication tool designed to build the oral language foundations of literacy for speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Braidy helps children retell their story using icons in a very effective way. The methodology is easy to apply into any content that educators or mental health professionals are working with.

  • Educators use this resource from kindergarten through to high school level.

  • Parents use it at home when communicating and reading stories with their children.

  • Mental health professionals use it to help children learn social emotional skills, and to process trauma.


My children use Braidy to express their feelings, write stories and expository text within their schoolwork, and retell experiences from their day.


Braidy has been implemented through school districts and mental health arenas in the USA and throughout Europe.


Braidy provides children (and adults) with:

  • A way to tell their story

  • A way to organise their thoughts

  • A way to make connections

  • A way to comprehend

  • A way to free up their working memory

  • A way to take perspective of characters

  • A way to solve problems

  • A way to resolve conflict.