About Us

"Communication is a foundation skill that many of us take for granted. It underpins our learning, our relationships and our ability to have a say in life. Communication problems can occur in speech, using and understanding language, voice, fluency, hearing, or reading and writing." -Angela Wheeler

At Power of the Story New Zealand, we provide professional development and multisensory materials for educators, parents, and wellness professionals. Our goal is to give every child- regardless of age, ability, or culture – the skills to think, communicate & learn effectively for academic & social success!


At Power of the Story New Zealand, we have worked closely with MindWing Concepts USA to bring Braidy the SGM® to New Zealand and tailored a New Zealand version to suit.

Angela loved it so much, she became a New Zealand distributor. Now, she is proud to have put these tools in the hands of wellness professionals, speech pathologists, teachers, parents, and children… making a difference helping children think, communicate, socialise, learn, read, write, and imagine through storytelling.


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