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Let’s help our children surf the waves of life.

Braidy® is a fun way to bring calm to children's and adults’ lives by helping them effectively process and share thoughts and feelings. 


Loved by nearly half a million children worldwide, this exciting interactive tool and supporting resources are now available in New Zealand and Australia.


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Braidy is a patented communication tool designed to build the oral language foundations of literacy for speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Building Blocks

Educators use this resource from kindergarten through to high school. Parents use it reading stories with their children.

Unlock Trauma

Mental health professionals use it to help children learn social emotional skills, and to process trauma.

Global Reach

Braidy has been implemented through schools & mental health arenas in the USA, Hawaii & Europe.


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We have worked closely with MindWing Concepts USA to bring Braidy the SGM® methodology to New Zealand, and develop a Kiwi version. If you would like more information on how to purchase please fill in the form below or call 027 687 8174

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